Mr. Brown & staff in the original Brown’s Shoe fit.

The Brown’s Mission

“Our purpose is to be a value to our team and to our Community in the most honest way possible. Not just believing, but doing this will lead us to success! We will be respectful and honest in our dealings with each member of the Brown’s Shoe Fit Co. team and each of our customers. We will focus on developing and nurturing long-term relationships with each other and our customers.”

Our Brown’s

Brown’s Shoe Fit Co. Freeport has been locally owned and operated since its establishment in 1979! From then, till now our goal has remained the same; to provide expert service and to change the standard of foot comfort! We do this by understanding every shoe we carry, and how they work to make sure your feet stay comfortable all day long. We always make sure it’s customer first, and shoes second.

Mr. Brown believed everyone should have the opportunity to own and run a business.

The tried and true sit & fit process.

A Timeless Tradition

There are many ways to buy a pair of shoes, but only One way to fit them. Today the world is moving faster and faster, but when buying shoes, moving too fast can  mean the difference between all day comfort, and an entire body that just aches. The “Sit & Fit” tradition may seem out dated to some, but to us it is the only way to ensure that your wallet, and feet are both satisfied!

Our Store

Meet Our Staff

Ever since Brown’s Freeport was established all those years ago we have prioritized customer service above all else. To us, customers are family. We hope no matter what you always feel welcomed!